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What is the quality of your melanotan 2?

Our Melanotan is of the highest quality manufactured in the USA and is above 99.2% purity. We test 5 vials upon every batch we receive to be sure we are providing the best quality possible.

Which Melanotan kit is suitable for me?

The type of kit you should buy depends upon the type of skin you have.

For individuals who tan normally, the 20mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit would be an appropriate option. However, if your skin takes a while to tan then you should go for 3x Starter Kits to achieve desired results.

Will it hurt when injected?

Not at all! We supply premium quality ultra fine ‘BD’ syringes that cause no pain.

Is there any side effects associated with use of melanotan?

Most common side effect is post injection sickness feeling which is short lasting and will subside after the first 2 or 3 injections. Other side effects include increased libido and facial flushing. Less common side effects are appearance of new moles and darkening of existing moles. However, moles will return to previous shade once you stop using melanotan.

Any long term side effects?

There is no evidence or real claims about any long term side effects after melanotan use. Melanotan was first developed as a treatment for skin cancer but now because of it's capabilities to increase the skin's pigmentation, it has taken the world as a quick, deep and long lasting tanning peptide.

It is widespread people's opinion that tanning with Melanotan is healthier than without it because an all known fact is that prolonged sun exposure damages skin and carries risk of skin cancer. Where as with melanotan use, very little UV ray exposure is needed to achieve a deep tan which lasts 3x longer than a usual tan.

How often should I inject Melanotan?

As per our recommendation, during the ‘loading phase’, injecting each day for 10 days or every other day would be beneficial. However, during ‘maintenance phase’, injecting once or twice a week would be sufficient.

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