Melanotan 2 Positives

Melanotan 2

  • Great Tanning Benefits

  • Skin Damage Protection

  • Minimal UV Exposure

  • Prevent Skin Cancer

  • Quick acting! (Within a week you will see great tanning results)

  • Long Lasting

  • Promotes Weight loss

  • Increases Libido


Melanin is a naturally producing hormone that controls the pigment in our skin. Simply, the more melanin the darker the pigment and therefore the darker colour of your skin. Melanotan is a peptide that stimulates the natural production of melanin. This peptide is created and circulated within the skin and when exposed to UV Rays causes the skin to become darker. Melanotan I and II is a synthetic analogue of this peptide that is designed to tan and darken the skin.


In simple terms, Melanotan II offers more density in its peptide chain, meaning it is a more potent peptide then its relative and it works out to be a more affordable option hence why it is a more popular peptide. Melanotan II also contains Metabolite Bremelanotide a very powerful substance which in males enhances libido, sexual performance and its one of the most effective cures in erectile dysfunction and sexual desire. It also serves as an appetite suppressant and so it has been widely used as a weight loss formula.

Melanotan I is a less potent peptide and it requires a lot more time for the effects of it to be visible. It is on the other hand regarded as a more safer option with a fewer side effects.

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