• Do you ship domestically within Australia or from overseas?

We only ship within Australia and do not ship internationally. This ensures a safe delivery of your order

  • What is your regular shipping time?

Shipping is completely dependent on what shipping method you decide to choose. Below is a brief approximation of shipping times;


  • If you place your order before 5PM between Monday to Wednesday, your order will be posted the following morning which will ensure next day delivery after postage.

  • If you place your order on Thursday, we cannot guarantee a Friday delivery as Australia post can vary in delivery time.



  • What payment methods do you offer?​

Currently ​we are only accepting Direct Deposit


  • Can I return the product?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns. The products sold by us are to a high purity so we can ensure our product will not disappoint.


  • What is the purity levels of the product?

As always, the purity of our product is greater than 99%. We continually source high quality products from reputable sources.


  • Do you have information relating to the correct dosing, procedure or anything else pertaining to the use of Melanotan 2?

We highly reco

mmend that you do your own research before experimenting with any of our products. We can ensure the quality of our products, but like any substance injected into the body, every persons' body reacts differently to these substances so you must be fully aware of any adverse side effects that may occur. Google is a fantastic platform with a plethora of information available at your fingertips so please use its infinite resources wisely. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU USE OUR PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK

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